Myrtle pt. 1

Here’s what I remember:

Myrtle was an aunt, married to…Henry? They lived at the end of Muriel Town Road. Myrtle would “get out” sometimes and show up knocking on Ira and Lennie’s front door (my dad’s parents). See, Myrtle was off. And this was a time when you kept it in the family.

Henry was afraid Myrtle would kill him, so he slept in the attic. You had to climb up a ladder, and he thought he’d wake up if Myrtle climbed up it. There was a light bulb hanging above where he slept.

Henry was found dead, his face having been hacked with an ax. His finger tips had also been cut off. There were shards of broken glass from the light bulb.

It seems Henry didn’t wake up when Myrtle climbed the ladder with a hatchet. But he did wake up when she raised it above her head, hitting the light bulb and breaking it. He only had time to put his hands in front of his face before she brought the hatchet down.

Times were tough. Her brother took the hatchet and hid it in a field. Myrtle didn’t go to prison, they kept this in the family. That was what you did then.

When they went back to the field for the hatchet, because you kept a good hatchet, it was gone.

Here’s what’s next:

There’s so much to unpack in this one. It truly says so much about society at the time – so first I have to figure out what time that really was. And find Myrtle in the family tree. What happened to her? Was her husband’s name Henry? What happened to the house at the end of Muriel Town Road? Where did the “mentally ill” in Larue county go at that time?

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